Hambridge Electrical Services : Testing & Inspection

Hambridge Electrical Services can carry out all electrical inspection and testing for your home or work place. This is needed in order to ensure that a living environment or work area is electrically safe from any potential accidents. Our friendly and experienced electricians can help you, by making sure that your employees and residents are safe from potential hazards. Not only is it vital to meet all health and safety regulations for legal reasons, but the tests will also give you complete peace of mind that your entire building is safe.

There are many types of Electrical Inspection, and it can often be difficult to understand exactly what level of electrical testing you require. At Hambridge Electrical Services we are on hand to guide you, and provide the detailed advice that you need. We have been supplying these top quality services across London and the surrounding areas for many years, and are fully qualified to explain any legal requirements you may have, and also what testing is advised for your safety.

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