Hambridge Electrical Services : Security Lights

Hambridge Electrical Services  have installed outdoor lighting for numerous clients, all over London and the surrounding areas, we consider ourselves to be specialists in the field, and more importantly so do our customers!

Generally speaking there are two main reasons why people want to have outdoor lighting installed. The first being it can obviously transform or punctuate the appearance of any outdoor space, well placed lighting can transform an uninspiring locale, to an inspiring, beautiful location and it can punctuate landscaping to really bring out the ambience of your garden, making it look and feel magical. The other reason is outdoor lighting helps to keep your home secure; it deters both burglary and other crime in general.

The different types of outdoor lighting are huge, we can provide something for everyone, whether it’s more traditional halogen lighting, solar powered lighting for the environmentally conscious or LED lighting to really add that extra special something to your space, at Hambridge Electrical Services we can truly provide it all.

Outdoor Lighting That Adds That Something Special

To drastically change the look of your outdoor space, all you have to do is use the right outdoor lighting, the options available to you are huge, and at Hambridge Electrical Services we can help you understand what each and every one of these will do and help you decide exactly what one will work best for your space. Below are some of the options that are available to you, to discuss these further please get in touch with Hambridge Electrical Services today.

Patio Infra Red Heaters
Driveway Lights
Wall Lights
Decking Lights
Ground Lights
Path Lights
Fence Lights
Post Lights
Pond Lights
Pool Lights

Hambridge Electrical Services can provide you with any look you need, from the more traditional lantern style lighting, to exciting contemporary LED lighting solutions, we have a proven track record of providing exactly what our customers want, at a price that is very competitive while NEVER compromising quality or workmanship, please get in touch today to find out what we can do to help brighten up your outdoor space.

Security Lighting

Security lights are known to deter crimes such as burglary; there are very few criminals who will enter someone’s home if they have a light shining on them whilst they are doing so. Outdoor lighting also has the benefit of being one of the cheaper ways to protect your home from crime.

There is also the often over looked fact that security lighting will help you when entering your own property, no more fumbling around for your keys or tripping over that object you didn’t see on your drive or walkway.

There are various options for controlling your security lighting, it can be controlled by anything from a switch, to time delay, to motion sensor, you really do have the power to decide and at Hambridge Electrical Services we can help you find your way around all of the options.

Outdoor Lighting in Commercial & Industrial Properties

As a business owner, we at Hambridge Electrical Services are sure you are well aware of the importance of good, reliable lighting for your premises. Having the wrong lighting can leave you exposed to crime such as burglary, and health and safety issues for your staff. Both of these obviously have huge negative effects on your business, such as rising insurance premiums and potential legal costs for your staff.

Speak to Hambridge Electrical Services today and we can help you to ensure you have adequate lighting to keep you protected and ensure your business is not exposed to these pit falls, while making sure you are saving money on power costs and maintenance, get in touch today!