Hambridge Electrical Services : LED Lighting

Hambridge Electrical Services has a huge range of LED lighting products that will help you both save money and enjoy your home or work space more.

These days everyone has to be conscious of the ever increasing costs of energy, which is one of the main reasons smart home owners and businesses are switching to LED lighting. LED lighting is vastly more efficient than conventional lighting, using around only 10-15% of the energy of a normal light bulb. So in essence using standard lighting instead of LED lighting is losing you money each and every single day.

If you would like to reduce your power bill, speak to Hambridge Electrical Services and we can show you how we can make that happen with LED lighting.

However, saving money off of your power is only one of the benefits you get when you choose LED lighting; here are some of the others;

LED Bulb Longevity

An average LED bulb lasts up to 50,000 hours, this is around 10 years of constant uninterrupted use. Cast your mind back to how often you are replacing your current bulbs. I think we can all agree you have never seen a standard light bulb last anywhere near 10 years. The cost savings over that kind of period, of not having to replace bulbs is immense.

The Environmental Cost of LED Lighting

People often mistakenly assume LED bulbs are dimmer or less bright then conventional bulbs, this is incorrect, they in fact produce the same wattage of light as a standard bulb, and the brightness is there the second you turn on the bulb, they need no warm up time. They also manage to do this using just a fraction of the power. This obviously has the huge benefit of saving you money, but at the same time it reduces your footprint on the environment.

An LED bulb is also made of much more environmentally friendly components and no nasty chemicals, they are also able to be recycled, and the benefits of this are obvious and huge for the environment.

Led Lighting in the Home

Hambridge Electrical Services has a huge range of LED lighting solutions for you to use in your home, we have LED light strips that can be attached recess in your house to add that extra touch of class, a great example of this kitchen cupboards, under stair cupboards, book shelves or even wardrobes. The only limit to where this type of LED can be used is your imagination.

At the moment the most popular location for LED lighting is the kitchen, it really is focal point of most houses, and as such LED lighting really does punctuate it beautifully. The kitchen is also a heavily used room, and as such the lighting is used constantly, as we stated above this is the ideal situation for LED lighting, as it will save you both the cost of replacement bulbs, whilst also saving you money from your power bill.

That is not to say that LED lighting should be restricted, it really does punctuate any room beautifully and can be used in any room of your home, where it will of course, work to save you money each day.

LED lighting can even be used to light your outdoor areas, such as your garden and patios. LED outside, can be spectacular and really change the ambience of a space, at Hambridge Electrical Services we highly recommend speaking to us about outdoor LED lighting solutions.

Security lights also come in LED varieties; these have the benefits of producing a beautifully crisp and clean light, while working to save you money while keeping you safe.

If you would like to discuss any of these options above for your home, please get in touch with Hambridge Electrical Services and we will show you how we can save you money off of your energy bill, whilst at the same time helping to make your home look even more beautiful.

LED Lighting in Commercial Space

The cost saving benefits of LED lighting are not restricted to just the home, if you are using conventional lighting at your business, you are literally throwing away money each day. Switching over to LED lighting will save you power costs, as well as maintenance costs, as LED lights last longer, needing to be replaced less often.

Many of our Commercial clients have their lights on for the entirety of the day, in many cases over 12 hours per day, switching to an LED bulb that used 85-90% less energy than a conventional bulb will save you a lot of money from your power bill, we have seen several cases where clients of ours have saved over £100 per month after switching to LED lighting.

We have many commercial clients all around London who we have installed LED lighting for, we are very experienced and we know exactly what you need, and expect from a us, we can help you save money, please get in touch with Hambridge Electrical Services today, and we WILL save you money.