Hambridge Electrical Services : Fuseboards

 Hambridge Electrical Services  are renowned for the work we do on fuse board upgrades and replacements, our team are hugely experienced and have a wealth of knowledge, these factors truly make us specialists in this field. We will replace your old fuse board, with a brand new fuse board that will meet and even exceed the current 17th Edition of the wiring regulations with the minimum amount of disruption to you that is possible.

What is a Fuse Board?

The fuse board is a critical piece of equipment in your electrical installation, it is the “brains” of the system and it provides you with the protection you need to know both you and your family are safe. People generally are unsure when it is time to replace their fuse board, below are just some of the reasons you should look into replacing your fuse board.

  • If your current fuse board doesn’t have RCD (residual current device) protection, this is a device that will cut the flow of electricity within a fraction of a second if it detects there is a fault in your electrical system. This vastly reduces the risk of any electrical fire or shocks.
  • Your fuse board is old and has what is known as asbestos flash guards, obviously having asbestos in your home is never a good idea.
  • Your fuse board is more than 10 years old, like any manufactured piece of equipment, fuse boards have a shelf life and if yours is over 10 years old; it’s time to get it tested by a certified electrician to see if it needs replacement.

This list is not exhaustive and there are other reasons that could mean you need to have your fuse board replaced, call Hambridge Electrical Services today to discuss this further.

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Current Fuse Board Standards

When it is time to upgrade your fuse board you need to ensure that it is installed by a qualified, certified and accredited electrician, this is where Hambridge Electrical Services can help you. Your new fuse board will be fitted with RCDs and mini circuit breakers; these will meet the current wiring regulations and will be fully tested and certified once the work is completed.

Current standards require that the fuse board has a split load with 2 RCDs. This will mean that if there is a fault, you will still have some lighting and power.